• Urban Gardens in Stockport and Cheltenham with a particular emphasis on family living.
  • Landscape Architecture course provided opportunities to design public realm and other schemes including Cheltenham (North place, Leckhampton Glebe), Forest of Dean (housing estate, Eco Town), planting plans for competition gardens and others ensuring sustainability principles were used throughout.


  • Published Articles

Garden Design Journal (SGD)

  • event reviews  
    • Sustainability Lecture Series (pending 2013) 
    • Longley, A. (2012) Lost Landscapes Garden Design Journal, Nov 12, 42
  • book review
    • Designing for Play

Green Places

  • Book - Come and Make Yourself at Home - a personal reflection on the meaning of home


  • Explored current legislation through M.A. research particularly focusing on the Localism Bill and potential criteria for the new Green Space Designation (2012)
  • Place and Meaning - The meaning of home and its impact on landscape design and usage (2011)
  • Natural Play - How can Landscape Architects enhance exploration and encourage adults and children to engage in Natural Play? (2009)